After raising her children, Pamela Fairbanks obtained an Associate of Science Degree, with an emphasis on Petroleum Technology, from the University of Arkansas Community College. She works in industrial construction as a field engineer in the energy sector.

Born into a ‘gypsy life’, Pamela moved extensively in her childhood. She was born on a military base in Valdosta, Georgia in the USA, and lived in several states and two countries during her childhood — her first accent was Cockney as she lived in England as a little girl! Pamela has two wonderful children and two grandchildren, all of whom also live in Virginia.

  • Pamela Fairbanks, founder of the World Tranformation Movement Richmond Centre
  • “I look forward to growing as a person with this wonderful and exciting understanding of the human condition. There is no going back after the moment it sinks in. I see it in every aspect of my life. I see it in movies, and in music. I react to situations with the calmest demeanor. This knowledge has allowed me to realize that the path I have been on all this time is the right path. I always questioned it, but never again!”

    Pamela Fairbanks